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Malaysia’s Approved Income Tax Agent

Any individual earning more than RM34000 per annum after EPF deductions has to register a tax file. It is essential to pay for income tax on all types of income, including income from your business or profession, employment, interest, discounts, rent, royalties, premiums, pensions, annuities, and others. So for salaried employees, this not only includes your monthly salary, but also things like bonuses, overtime, commissions, and all other taxable income.

L & Co group of companies is an approved income tax agent which was established to assist organizations on their financial statement statutory audit and taxation. Hiring a tax agent is crucial for small as well as large business owners. Tax professionals bring profitable results to the company. They also solve tax complications.

Income tax matters hold a crucial place in the business. Slight negligence can put into great trouble. So, it is a better decision to hire a good tax agent for managing all your tax matters. Generally, small business owners handle tax matters themselves. But it is not at all a profitable idea. Filing income tax returns needs assistance from the tax agent. You can find the best accounting and bookkeeping services in your town that look after both accounting and taxation matters.

So, what are the benefits of hiring a tax agent? First off, filing income tax by yourself will waste precious time. You have to check every paper, document, and transaction to arrive at the final figure. This will take more time giving you nil results. Because of this reason, it is a wiser decision to hire a tax agent can check every tax matter. You can search for accountants near me for taxes in your area or locality on the internet. They will help not only with taxation work but also look after the books of accounts.

Next, hiring a tax agent makes the tax filing hassle free. As the deadlines of income tax filing come near, you get a lot of confusion. It then becomes difficult for you to find the correct tax figures. Hiring a tax agent will reduce your stress and give you returns on income tax filing. He will see every transaction and save much of your time.

Another benefit is to prepare you for the audit. Auditing is a regular process irrespective of whether it is a small or large business. Every year, the auditor checks the books of accounts and financial statements. Choosing a tax agent will also reduce your tension of auditing. You can be well prepared from before whenever there is an audit process in your company.A tax professional will notify which documents and papers you should keep ready when there is an audit process in the company.

L & Co group of companies hires some of the topnotch tax professionals for managing various income tax returns. They have experience of many years in the area of taxation. From tax rules to the latest updates, our team of tax professionals knows everything in depth. Their knowledge will help you in getting good returns on income tax filing.

Apart from taxation, L & Co group of companies also provides accounting bookkeeping services so that you can get all in one solution for your small company. From accounts payable and receivable to profit and loss statements, they have expertise in every work.