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Halal Certificate

Do you wish to attract more customers to your restaurant? Do you feel that halal certificate is hard to apply? You can actually apply via MYeHALAL website now!
1. How to define Halal Certificate?
Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) is the agency responsible for the  Islamic affairs including halal certification in Malaysia. Halal certificate issued by JAKIM come as one of the most recognized and most influential in the certification body.
2. Malaysia Halal Certification Scheme can be divided into which categories?
(i)   Food Product/ Beverage/ Food Supplement 
(ii)  Food Premise/Hotel
(iii) Consumer Goods
(iv) Cosmetic and Personal Care
(v)  Slaughterhouse
(vi)  Pharmaceutical
(vii) Logistic
3. Who are eligible to apply Halal Certificate?
(i)   Manufacturer/ Producer
(ii)  Sub-contract Manufacturer
(iii) Repacking
(iv) Food Premise
(v)  Abattoir/ Slaughterhouse
4. Applicant shall fulfill which types of conditions?
Applicant or manufacturer shall:
(i)    Register with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) or other government agencies
(ii)   Hold a business license from Local Authorities (PBT)
(iii)  In full operation before an application is made
(iv)  Produce and/or handle only halal products and in compliance with the specified halal standard
(v)   Ensure sources for ingredients are halal and choose suppliers who supply halal materials
(vi)  Apply for all types of products which are produced by the factory/premise
(vii) Applications for repackaging must be accompanied with recognized halal certificate for the said products
5. Who are not eligible for the application of Halal Certificate?  
Applications which are not eligible are as follows:
(i)    Non-halal product
(ii)   Any application with no standard reference/guideline
(iii)  Companies that produce and distribute halal and non-halal products
(iv)  Usage of same branding for halal and non-halal products
(v)   Product/premise which gives negative implication towards religion and social (example: entertainment center, drug and others)
(vi)  Natural products which does not involve any processing (example: fresh fish, fresh vegetables, fresh egg and the like)
(vii) Fertilizer and animal feed
(ix)  Paper
(x)   Products which use the name or synonymous names with non-halal products or confusing terms (Example: bak kut the, ham, bacon, beer, hotdog, charsiew and others)
(xi)  Local and imported finished goods which are relabeled without undergoing any processes in Malaysia 
(xii) Products which are in the early stages of research and development (R&D)
(xiii)Hotel with kitchen that prepares pork-based menu
6. What are the documents required for the application?
Halal certificate application documents includes:

(i)    Print all the application forms from MYeHALAL
(ii)   Soft copy of Sijil Pengesahan Hasil Bahan yang Masih Sah
(iii)  Soft copy of Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)
(iv)  Soft copy of Business License
(v)   Soft copy of company financial statement/ star rating  (for resort/hotel)
(vi)  Soft copy of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
(vii) Soft copy of contract and identification card (IC) of Halal Executive (Muslim)
(viii)Soft copy of contract and identification card (IC) for 2 Malaysia Muslim workers (shall be permanent and works fulltime in the processing section)
(ix)  Approval from Drug Control Authority (DCA/ PBKD)
(x)   Approval for sources of imported animal-based raw materials from Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) (If any)
(xi)   Production flow chart
(xii)  Packaging and labelling of halal products
(xiii) Location of factory
(xiv) Factory layout
7. How can I apply?
Procedure for the application are as follows:
(i)   Submit online application through MYeHALAL
(ii)  Submit supporting documents to JAKIM/JAIN
(iii) Review application and documents
(iv)  Incomplete application will be rejected by MYeHALAL
         -Applicants are required to resubmit full documents
(v)   Issuance of Charges Letter
(vi)  Audit scheduling after payment done
(vii) On-site audit
        -Corrective action for Non Conformance Report (NCR)
        -Laboratory analysis for Sampling
(viii)Completion of audit report
(ix)  Final decision will be made by Malaysia Halal Certification Panel Meeting
        -Unsuccessful application will receive a notification letter
(x)   Issuance of Malaysia Halal Certificate
8. What are the conditions on use of the certificate?
After approval, certificate holder shall follow the conditions as follows:
(i)    The Malaysia Halal Certificate cannot be exchanged, leased, traded, abused or amended its content in whatever form
(ii)   The Malaysia Halal Certificate holder subject to the laws and regulations
(iii)  Any changes to the company name, business address, product brand, ingredient, producer and others shall be informed to the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia or the State Religious Affairs Department
(iv)  The Malaysia Halal Certificate can be terminated or withdrawn at any time if applicant is found to violet the Malaysia Halal Certification standard
(v)   The original and valid Malaysia Halal Certificate shall be displayed all the times at the address stated on the certificate
(vi)  The Malaysia Halal Logo can be used on the halal certified products and premises along with the Malaysia Standard (MS) number and the file reference number (the last 10 digits)
9. How long is the Halal Certificate valid?
Each application only valid for 2 years. For renewal, application shall be submitted along with supporting documents at least three months before the expiry date of certificate.
10. Where can I get more information on halal certificate?
You may refer to:

(i)  Manual Procedure for Malaysia Halal Certification (Third Revision) 2014

You can also find the following professional halal certificate consultant to help in your application:
Zulkarnain Ibrahim 012-2483299 (
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